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Reclaiming Diné government for Diné people
Ethel Branch stands in a line of people. Her head is facing down. The other people in the line are blurred she is in focus.

Government Reform

Designing a modern, efficient and effective Diné government capable of meeting the 21st century needs of our People.

Nation Building

Pursuing Nation Building based on the guidance of Diné Bi Beenahaz'áanii, the Fundamental Law of the Navajo people.  


Asserting our inherent authority as a Nation by redefining our relationship with the United States to optimize our ability to prosper.

Treaty Rights

Holding the U.S government accountable for unjust and inhumane treatment of our People by negotiating fairer terms in our treaty. 

Environmental Justice

Protecting, healing and restoring our relationship with Nihimá Nahasdzáán.

Emergency Preparedness

Establishing a Fourth Branch to ensure emergency preparedness and rapid deployment capabilities.

Human Rights

Alleviating the suffering of our People to thrive at the hogan level by providing 21st century living conditions for Diné.

Health & Wellness

Utilizing Early Intervention, Peacemaking and Holistic Remedies to restore balance.

Language & Culture

Providing resources that support language revitalization and cultural preservation for our Diné People.


Developing a Comprehensive Growth & Development Plan for our Nation that eliminates red tape and makes turn-key home and business sites available for rapid development.

People & Homeland

Building a pathway home for our Diné professionals, retirees, recent graduates and unsheltered relatives.

Land Reform

Restructuring our land tenure system to restore the balance of power in our People.